Learn photography

Learn photography in 10 easy steps

Want to learn photography? You're in the right place

Are you a beginner? Have you just got your first DSLR camera? Did you want to refresh basics of photography?

Well, if you want to get serious about photography this e-book is what you need to start!


What you will learn from this e-book:

Step 1 - Getting familiar with the camera
Know your camera and how it works

Step 2 - Diaphragm and exposure time
Learn how diaphragm and exposure time works

Step 3 - Light meter and exposure modes
Understand how to light meter works and how to use exposure mode to get perfectly exposed photos

Step 4 - Checking the depth of field
How to control dept of field for creative purpose and for great portrait

Step 5 - Choosing the right shooting time
Using the right shooting time you can to "freeze" or "stop" a subject or an action or to give the idea of movement.

Step 6 - Choosing the right sensitivity
The right sensitivity is important to achieve the best results

Step 7 - The exposure triangle
Learn how to mix diaphragm, shutter speed and sensitivity and how each one of these factors doesn't only affect exposure but also affects other important features of the image

Step 8 - Exposure compensation, bracketing and AE-L key
How to lock or compensate exposure in particular light condition

Step 9 - How to read histograms
Learn what is and how to use histograms

Step 10 - Composition elements
The composition is a key factor of photography. Learn the composition basics elements

learn photography

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Of course, we know today there are plenty of manuals available, but we feel like none of them has actually been created having beginners in mind, with the sole purpose of taking them along the journey into photography as a good travel buddy. 

With this ebook, we try to bridge the gap.

The book we have created is probably the shortest possible way to become a good photographer. In 10 easy steps this e-book will guide you to learn the basic principles of photography.

What buyers say

Great photography handbook.
The style of teaching is very good.
Examples and practical illustrations helps to understand the point.
it is a pleasure to read. Good value for money.
Thank you.


Very well made course.
Clear and well explained examples.
A great start for brand new photographers.
The exercises are very useful and interesting.
For sure i’ll buy more e-books from you.


This book is very interesting for the beginner, but is useful also for more experencied ones.
1. Illustrations for the key pints
2. Exercises helping to move from theory to practice
3. Clear and direct in its wording.
4. Practical axamples explaining hard to learn concept

Thank you!