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Teacher and photography enthusiast, he is one of the brains behind the on-line photography course Phototutorial.net*. He is particularly fond of naturalistic photography. Author of several books, his photographs have been awarded in many international events and have been published in a number of specialized books and magazines.




Due to an education in the field of electronics, Canio is fond of everything technology-related. He works in several fields: photography, IT, graphics, website creation, SEO. Author of several photography books, he, too, is one of the brains behind Phototutorial.net* and Photographyok.com.





* note: Phototutorial.net is the most relevant on-line photography course in Italy.
For the past several years, Phototutorial.net has been helping tens of thousands of photography enthusiast cultivate their passion.
Trying to understand the needs of our followers, we have created some photography ebooks.
The best of them will be available also in english on Photographyok.com!